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When it comes to plumbing services for your home, H20 Plumbing & Water Heaters can take care of any problem. From installing a water heater, toilets, bathroom or kitchen fixtures to unclogging a drain. Our plumbers and electricians are available 24/7/365. Our GPS equipped fleet of trucks provide quick service response. The H20 Plumbing & Water Heater technician will go over every detail of work needed and will give a straight-forward estimate with options before any work is performed.

The Technician will properly diagnose the failure of the equipment or situation and give you all of your options from repair to installation with a variety of choices. These choices can vary from simple low cost replacement with the existing equipment to upgrading to the more modern up to date models of equipment.

Up to date models of equipment vary from from motion sensor faucets, smart toilets that you can control with your smart phone, water saving toilets, more energy saving water heaters and even tank less water heaters that can save you and you family up to 30% to 50% in energy cost.

Feel free to visit our articles page, it provides numerous articles from topics like, how to choose the correct water heater for your home or business, how to read the model and serial number on your existing water heater, upgrading to a tank-less water heater, the new 2015 energy efficiency standards, where can expansion tanks be installed, hybrid water heaters, heat pump water heaters, energy efficiency and water heaters, five ways to extend your water heaters useful life, Gas or Electric which water heater produces the least amount of green house gases, tank-less water heater buyer guide, potential causes of reduced hot water and water heater boosters. We are always adding more articles to our page so we can be as helpful as we can and helping you to be more educated about your unique situation. This way you can have all the questions answered before hand and be ready to have any additional questions for the company representative that will be meeting with you.

Do you want to upgrade your faucets, toilets or shower and bath fixtures ? We can handle any project. We will go through the process with you, making sure that everything meets your personal standard. We know that the options to choose from on fixtures can be confusing and over whelming. The H20 plumbing and water heater representative will help you envision the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. We would love to work with you on your home improvement projects so you can relax and and be confident that the job will be done right and with the highest quality.

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