Warning Signs of Needed Bathroom Plumbing Work


Out of all the rooms in your home the bathroom has the most plumbing of any room in your house. There are more pipes than the kitchen, and there are more taps and fixtures also. In most homes there could be as much as 35% of your indoor water use going to the bathroom toilet alone. The plumbing in your bathroom handles an enormous amount of work and sometimes this leads to it needing repairs through time.

Cleaning calcium and lime deposits out of an aerator screen in a faucet or getting rid of basic toilet clogs with a plunger are plumbing do it yourself jobs you can tackle on your own. Anything more complicated will take the work of licensed professional plumber. We will discus a few of the warning signs that you have bathroom plumbing in need of some expert work that needs to be done by a professional plumber.

Damp Spots Around the Toilet

If you see dampness around the toilet’s base, the toilet is leaking because of a worn out and deteriorating wax ring where it connects to the floor. This is the seal between the toilet and the drain pipe. This must be repaired as quickly as possible, because the water damage done to the floor will weaken it, leading to severe damage that could result in the toilet going through the floor, and this usually happens when you sit on it and could lead to severe injury of the person who sits on it. This happens more often than you may think. Any sign of dampness or leaking from the toilet is a reason to call a professional plumber immediately.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice the water from the bathroom faucet is coming out much weaker than you expect. The first thing to check is the aerator, which may be filled up with minerals. It could also be noticed at the shower head. In this case you could remove the shower head and soak it in some lime away cleaner first. If this is not the source of the problem, you will need to call a professional plumber to find out exactly what is wrong. This issue could be hidden leaks in the plumbing pipes, problems with the water heater, or a clog in one of the freshwater lines. Freshwater lines can clog up, often because of hard water deposits caused by calcium and lime deposits.

Faucets Dripping

A dripping bathroom faucet is a notorious nuisance. It also wastes water. If you have got a dripping faucet and tightening up the faucet head is not fixing the constant dripping, do not try to dive deeper into the problem. This could mean the water pressure is too high causing gaskets to wear out, broken valves, or poor drainage inside the pipes. Where water is left over after the tap is turned off. The dripping is wasting water and creating an annoyance, but the problems behind it may cause serious damage to the plumbing in the bathroom or the entire house.

Slow Drains

A stopped up drain is an obvious and annoying problem, you may be able to clear it out with a plunger or a hand cranked drain snake. Do not use chemical drain cleaners, they can damage the drainpipe over time. But if a shower, bathtub and sink drains are draining slowly, and you find yourself standing in a few inches of water in the shower, it is probably time to have a professional clean out the drains. There may be other problems deeper in the drainage system, so call a plumber to be sure. A professional plumber can use special tools and cameras to see where and why the drain pipe is not draining correctly.

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