Spring Time Plumbing Check List


Spring is almost here! This means it is almost time for spring cleaning projects. Your family has been cooped up in your home during the cold winter months. Not only does this mean you need to clean the house inside and out, it can cover many jobs, such as shredding important personal paperwork, reorganizing the kitchen, moving furniture around, flipping the mattresses over, but it also means planning for important maintenance services for parts of your house. Getting the A/C tuned up, pressure washing the house and checking on important plumbing fixtures on your home.

The plumbing in your home goes though a great deal of stress during the winter. You need to check on the pipes, faucets, and appliances in your home or you could be facing some major issues. Below we have put together a check list that we highly recommend you do before spring weather arrives. This will help locate circumstances where you will need the assistance of professional plumbers.

Check On The Drains

Always pay close attention to slow moving drains. Over the winter months debris can slowly build up over time and can lead to problems if the drains are not cleaned out. Pay close attention to floor drains, which are important in the case of heavy rainfall or minor flooding. You can pour water down each one of the floor drains to restore their p-traps and prevent sewer smells from entering your home. Call for a professional to come out and do a professional drain cleaning if the slow moving drains keep draining poorly.

Check The Sump Pump

Not all homes have a sump pumps in the middle Tennessee area, but most homes should. During spring months most of us are at a high risk of flooding from heavy rain fall, and the water damage it causes in basements and crawlspaces can be devastating to your home. A sump pump located in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace can prevent this from happening. If your home has a sump pump you need to test it by pouring water into the water collection pit to see if the pump activates automatically and drains the water. If the pump does not come on at all or pumps too slow then you need to call for plumbers to repair it or replace it. And if you do not have a sump pump, call a professional plumber to arrange for one before the heavy rains of spring arrive.

Check The Water Heater

The water heater can suffer the most stress over anything else in your plumbing system over the winter time. Since you need the water heater 365 days a year and in most homes the water heater can be located in a non conditioned space like a basement, crawlspace, attic, or in the garage. You need to check it for issues, do not wait until it is to late. Always keep an eye on water pooling around the base of the water heater, This usually will mean that the water heater needs to be replaced. If you hear strange rumbling sounds from the tank or notice a drop in the volume of hot water then it is cautionary to arrange for an inspection by a professional plumber.

Check The Outdoor Plumbing

The cold winter weather can cause serious issues with the outdoor plumbing as well. Look over the gutters and storm drains to remove leaves and other debris. See if there is any corrosion setting in and check that downspouts have not become pushed out of their normal position. Always check your outside hose bibs. Turn them on to make sure the have not cracked or busted over the winter due to the cold temperatures.

If you live in the middle Tennessee area and need any help with your plumbing then please feel free to give us a call at 615-864-9459. Our H20 plumbing specialist can come out and go over any needed repairs that you will need to make sure that your homes plumbing system is running in tip top shape.