My Home Has No Water ! What Should I Do ?

Having no water in your home is one of the worst issues you can possibly have. Do not panic, first call the water company and check to see if your bill was paid, sometimes mistakes are made. After you call and verify with the water company then go through our check list here that we are providing. If you have any of these issues we here at H20 Plumbing & Water Heaters provide a 24-hour emergency services for problems like these. We understand that it is difficult to go without water in your home. If you need a plumber in the middle Tennessee area you should contact our team at 615-864-9459. Our staff is always punctual, knowledgeable, and we are prepared to help you with any problem you may have.

What You Should Check First

Check Another Faucet. Before the panic sets in, your first step should be to check the other faucets in your home. While one tap may not be working correctly, it does not immediately mean that your entire house is shut down from water. If the problem is only with one faucet then the problem is much smaller, but if you check one or two more faucets and there is no water then you should call a professional plumber.

Check with your neighbor. Contact your next door neighbors. If they are also having a issue with water loss, then the area you live in has got a municipal water supply problem. You should call your water department to find out what the issue is and how long your water supply will be out.

Check your water main. Check the location of your main shut off valve. If you are not sure where that is, you should have a meter bow in your yard. Sometimes they are made of metal and sometimes they are plastic. Your water main switch and water meter are in there. If you are not getting any water in your home, it is likely because of a problem with the water main. You could have an emergency shut-off valve that you did not even know about, it could have accidentally triggered and stopped your water flow. The valve could be open and impeding your water supply because it is leaking. In this case you need to call the water company first.

If you check all of these circumstances and you still do not know why there is no water then you are going to need to call a professional plumber.

When a Professional Needs to be Called

Here are some issues that can happen that require a professional to get involved.

Corroded or clogged pipes. When you hear the word “clog” in relation to your pipes you probably think of your drain pipes. This is usually caused by a backup of sludge or grime. The type of clog we are talking about in this situation is due to a build up of mineral deposits on the inside of your water main pipe. We have hard water here in the middle Tennessee area that leaves mineral build up inside your pipes. If your home lacks water supply or suffers from low water pressure, this could be the problem.

Clogged tap connection. Your tap connection could be and can become full of sediment or susceptible to corrosion over time. Most of the time it is better to completely replace this type of connection but in some cases, the connection can be removed and cleaned. Then be reconnected.

Aged Materials. If your water lines are extremely old or incorrectly sized during installation is causes low water pressure and even a lack of water over time.

If you are suffering from any of these situations and live in the middle Tennessee area you can always give us a call at 615-864-9459 and a H20 Plumbing specialist can come out and help you with any of these issues.