Drains Smell Bad ?


No one wants to have a foul smelling house or walk into a foul smelling house, for any reason. especially if you make a special effort to keep a clean house, but then find out that foul odors are coming from one or more of the drains, it can be frustrating. There are numerous reasons for this to happen, and fixing the problem can be simple or something that will require professional plumber. Below we will look at the causes of bad smelling drains and how to get rid of them.

Clogged Drain Vents

Your plumbing system has vents in the pipes to prevent the build up of sewer gas pressure between the drains and the sewer line. These vents allow the gas to escape up through the roof of the house. They also allow air pressure to go down the pipe and help with the draining process. You have seen them if you have ever looked at your backside roof, they are usually white PVC pipes that intrude up out of the roof. If these vents become clogged up, it will force the gas to take the path of least resistance and force itself up through the water in the p-trap. A professional plumber can track down where the vents need repairs and take care of them.

Dried Out P-traps

The p-trap is a curved pipe placed directly under a drain. The purpose of this curved pipe is to trap water to create a barrier against the sewer gas flowing the wrong direction up the pipe and out the drain. If a drain has not been used often (such as a sink or shower in an empty guest room), the water in the p-trap will evaporate and allow sewer gas through causing a very foul smell that smells toxic, you will know it when you smell it. You only need to let water flow down the drain for a minute or so to restore the water in the p-trap.

Sewer Line Damage

This is the most urgent and important problem since a sewer line that is broken or blocked will eventually cause raw sewage to back up into your home. If more than one drain is having foul smells, then it is very likely that a sewer line problem is the issue, and you need to call professional plumber right away. Fixing or replacing a damaged sewer line is a major job, but our plumbers use the best in trenchless technology to do the work fast and accurately.

If you are experiencing any fowl smells coming from your drains and do not know how to deal with them, and you live in the middle Tennessee area, then please give us a call at 615-864-9459 and a H20 plumbing specialist can come out and help you with any questions you have.